Legionnaires Disease Outbreak in North Port, Florida

March 1, 2018

The Sarasota County Health Department is investigating the pool and spa area of IslandWalk in North Port, Florida for a potential Legionnaires outbreak. Dr. Ahmed Farooq contacted the health department after diagnosing two cases of Legionnaires with a common denominator of visits to the hot tub at IslandWalk. Pending further testing, other areas such as irrigation systems will be investigated as well.

Learn more about the current investigation here.

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Legionnaires Outbreaks Hit Disneyland and Las Vegas Hotel

November 20, 2017

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Two outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease are being investigated in Disneyland and the Rio hotel in Las Vegas. Legionnaires’ is a severe lung infection caused by exposure to water contaminated with the Legionella bacteria.

Officials of the Orange County Department of Health announced that twelve cases of Legionnaire’s Disease were discovered three weeks ago among people who had visited the Anaheim area, nine of which had visited Disneyland. Of the twelve cases, ten were hospitalized and another “who had other health issues” has died. Ages ranged from 52-94.

Two cooling towers believed to have been the source of the outbreak have been shut down and are currently undergoing sanitation processes. Officials of the theme park have been working with the Department of Health in the investigation. The latest statement released by the healthcare agency announced that “there is no known ongoing risk associated with this outbreak.”

In Las Vegas, seven cases have been reported in the Rio hotel and casino. Five months previous, two cases had been investigated, but now the number has grown to seven with 29 more cases suspected. Ongoing cleaning and testing of the hotel’s water system is continuing to ensure the disease has been eradicated, which health experts say is a normal timeline.

In addition to the Legionnaires’ outbreak, an October report from the health district said there were 56 suspected cases of Pontiac fever, a milder illness also caused by Legionella, at the hotel, for a total of 92 confirmed or suspected cases related to the Rio outbreak.

The Hotel-Casino staff have began a third disinfection process as a precaution. All recent tests show low to no bacterial levels, meaning current guests are not at risk for the disease. Latest test results will be available and released at the end of the month.

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Photo Credit to DisneyVisitor

Legionnaire’s outbreak in New York City

July 28, 2017

The Legionnaire’s outbreak in New York City has spread to 24 neighborhood cooling-towers. According to the Department of Health, 42 cooling-towers had traces of Legionella and 24 of them were infected enough to cause illness. This outbreak began on June 16th, with one death and seven illnesses. Read more about the continuation of this outbreak here.

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Multiple Outbreaks of Legionnaires Hits the US

July 27, 2017

Legionnaires Disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by exposure to the bacteria known as legionella. This bacterium is often found in poorly maintained water systems like hot tubs and water heaters. With the rise in temperature, we’ve seen multiple outbreaks across the country. Legionnaires often causes hospitalization, but for those with a weakened immune system, it could be fatal.

The first outbreak in Orlando was linked to multiple LA Fitness gyms, causing four people to be hospitalized. This story was recently updated, finding that the bacteria and other health code violations came from the gym cafes. To learn more about this outbreak, you can read here.

Another outbreak in New York City originally left 6 hospitalized and 1 dead due to poorly maintained water towers and air conditioning units. This case spread to 24 neighboring cooling towers on the Upper East Side. The Department of Health is continuing to sanitize and investigate the situation. You can read the latest on this outbreak here.

The latest outbreak was in a Las Vegas hotel, The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. The hot water system tested positive for the legionella bacteria. The Southern Nevada Health District is investigating two cases from separate stays in April and May. Steps have already been taken to relocated guests and disinfect all areas. To learn more, go here.

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